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What is Brilhante Institute?

Brilhante Institute is an independent and non-profit foundation which goal is to stimulate solidarity and to promote projects that have a positive impact on communities lives and that take good care of the benefited population anywhere in the World. We also act in areas that were devastated by environmental catastrophes.

President’s Word


My journey as journalist and children and teenager book writer took me to many paths but never took away my conviction that the answer is the solidarity between people from “the four corners of the World”. When we deal with suffering, solidarity and human care the concept of boundaries just stops existing.

Due to the world’s complexity and unpredictability, a lot of things have changed but there are a lot more to be changed and it’s us who have to make them.

The solution to our current issues, such as fight against exclusion, poverty and vulnerability, search of lasting and solid peace, access to education and culture for all, nature resources protection, is our ability to get to humanistic and collective answers.

Through our honest, transparent and careful work, we follow values that, for us, deserve to be rescued. 

Among these values, gratitude is the most important one, and it is the basis of our projects’ partners and beneficiated actions. Each one of us has something to contribute, add and make the difference. This is our idea and it is what we are doing. 

I’m sure we are writing a beautiful story! - Mariah Morais

Institute Projects



Marcos Evangelista de Morais, known as Cafu, Brazilian
soccer team captain, five-times World Champion in 2002.
Record holder for playing more games with the Brazilian
jersey, he is always taking part in, not only actions that
benefits his foundation but also in many other worthy


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